What We Do



At Growline Group we understand that the primary purpose of training is behaviour change. So our approach to developing and deploying training is to begin with the end in mind and identify the behaviour change that will define program success. That reference point, along with other pragmatic geographic and budget constraints, allows our consultants to design and develop the best possible training solution. 

Whether deployment is web based, app based, virtual, face to face or a blend of these methods, our training solutions are always backed by a detailed evaluation and review that ensures successful learning application and the desired behaviour change. 



What makes Growline Group different to other training organisations is that our people are business consultants. Every client engagement begins and ends with your business objectives and priorities. Every training and coaching solution is built to help our clients achieve those business priorities. 

As a standalone offering Growline Group helps you build a strategy for competitive advantage and plan the resources required to focus and win. Inevitably the success of any new strategy requires the organisation to change and that is why Growline Group embraces a change management approach to strategy development ensuring pragmatic solutions that deliver sustained behaviour change.   



 Training in the absence of coaching rarely sustains behaviour change. Training supported by coaching however substantially increases the incidence of sustained behaviour change. The Growline Group Coaching model – GROWN – is an extended version of the widely used GROW model popularised by John Whitmore. Growline Group have extended the model to ensure there is a clear action plan stemming from coaching and that all resources required for success have been identified and committed. 

Whether Growline Group Consultants coach individuals 1:1, or train managers to coach their teams, using the GROWN model as a foundation ensures successful learning application and sustained behaviour change.