Who are our clients and what are they saying about us?

Clients, customers, testimonials, great training organisations, experts

Clients, customers, testimonials, great training organisations, experts

HPE Strategic Program Mgr, Learning Strategies & Sales Enablement

Dominika Merzenich

"We have worked on many projects and Brent always stays committed, engaged, responsive and innovative. Moreover his primary focus is always on ensuring the programs he develops deliver a compelling ROI for the clients and their business. Another outstanding characteristic of Brent is his ability to command a group and get people on board with new ideas - even people who are initially on completely different pages.

Twenty Eight Strategy Execution, Competence Development Manager

Rune Olson

"Robert ran a workshop series to teach sales methodology to improve our sales performance. What was different with this program was the follow-up, coaching and guidance. The hard part is always the implementation and it was great to have his ongoing support for that. We have seen improvements in the way our people are qualifying and working opportunities as a result of Robert's work."

Cisco Sales Business Development Manager

Owen McAllister

"Brent conducted two Financial Selling trainings whilst he worked in Quadmark for Cisco. One was for the Cisco sales people and one was for our partners. I found Brent's approach to facilitating detailed content excellent and innovative. He simplified the content and made it extremely relevant to the audience. The feedback we got was excellent and it's one of the few trainings you can safely say generated a strong return on the investment."

KOP Country Manager

Mike Lussier

"We used Robert at KOP to advise on strategy. He ran a working session for our extended leadership team on sales methodology and sales management. He then ran a project to define our company purpose and values. Robert was able to bring in examples from other industries and facilitate an inclusive decision making process that everyone felt bought into. The results of his work are now on display in the CEO's office and across the organisation. Highly recommended!"